message from chairman

Zeyad Bin Nasser H. Alzarah

Owner Chairman

INTERNATIONAL ROBOTIC TANK SOLUTIONS (IRTS) believes, that one of the major causes of success is the efficient and professional performance of the Management and firmly believes the doctrine it is the people (Employees) who makes the Company.

Accordingly our Company adopted and practicing sound Personnel Policies to retain desirable and motivated employees and attributed to the bottom line of the organization in terms of growth, profitability, flexibility and competitiveness. Through the Personnel Policies we could able to improve the quality of work life in terms of increased job involvement, increased satisfaction, reduced stress, accidents, illness and eliminated cost of lost contracts and enhanced community goodwill and general reputation.

In addition we practices employees rights on the job, occupational safety and health through we gain goodwill decreasing employees grievances. Quite often it is noticeable in the recent years mushroom growth of Contracting Companies executing Manpower Contracted Services in Oil &Petrochemical industries, not even meeting human resources basic needs and pure exploitation is visible throughout the area of their operation affecting productivity, absenteeism and clients valuable time is spent for the day to day grievances settlement of individual employees.

Analyzing all the above basic facts INTERNATIONAL ROBOTIC TANK SOLUTIONS (IRTS).  is kept aloof and stands in their strong foothold and adopted sound personnel policies and able to execute any contracted services with a sound financial background to set up any facilities based on client specification within short span of time.

With our humble request to you to put us to the test.



Sheikh Zeyad Nasser H. Alzarah