MESSAGE FROM Research & Development

Rabieh Ghossainy

Board Member / Research & Development

Since five years , robotic inspection was like an obsession that overwhelmed me especially with the idea of building up the first arabian and particularly saudi arabian robotic services company which will serve as a global robotic manufacturer and service provider. The last five years were characterised by extensive researches in the field with leaders from north america and japan to be able to move from the concept and prototype phase into application and continuous improvement.

IRTS has managed to become a leader in the application of robotics by having a production line in USA and excellent servicing and certified team in Saudi arabia and Kuwait.

The market is not limited to saudi arabia but with the massive population of tanks in Saudi Arabia , the company is providing its services to Saudi Aramco, Sabic and its affiliates, , and other major companies in the region like KOC.

The entire project was a dream and under the research and development team, we are happy to be among the leaders ,we strive to cover other areas in the oil and gas and petrochemical sector so that this success which started as a dream will become a global giant in the industry.


Board Member/ Research & Development Director